Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the eligibility quiz and why is it necessary? 

The content of the various courses provides an understanding of the procedures and processes used to protect air cargo throughout Canada.  The release of this information to threat agents would create a security vulnerability. Transport Canada requires individuals taking this training to provide sufficient personal and/or organizational information to ensure only those participants need the course content to conduct their organization’s or individual’s air cargo security obligations.

How will be privacy of my personal information be safeguarded?

All personal and course information collected throughout the process of taking any or all of the courses from LACT will be held and protected at Lansdowne Technologies Inc.

How is the certificate completion information distributed?

Lansdowne Technologies Inc. will not normally undertake to distribute information of any participant, unless previous arrangements have been made.  Distribution of certificates provided to each participant at the successful completion of each course will be the responsibility of individuals through the LACT website.  However, if an organization sponsors individuals taking a course and has requested completion Information as part of prior arrangements, then that information will be provided. 

I see a partner of Lansdowne Technologies Inc. is Battelle which is an American-based company. Will the participant’s individual information be shared with any foreign company or nation?

No.  Battelle is contributing to the provision of specialized course content.  Your personal and organizational information will not be provided to them, or any other foreign entity.

Are these courses endorsed by Transport Canada 

Transport Canada (TC), quite correctly, cannot endorse a product created by private industry in order to avoid accusations of bias.  However, the courses have been created with their knowledge and ongoing consultation with recently retired TC security inspectors throughout the development process. The course content reflects best business practices within the air cargo security environment and will be upgraded and up-dated to reflect those practises.

Is the content of the courses current with relevant regulations and obligations?

The development process of the courses included the assistance of highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals (recently retired TC Inspectors) in the content and requirements of the related regulations and established procedures.  Procedures have been established to ensure the continued accuracy of courses content.

How much of a time commitment will be required to complete each course?

The time to complete each course will vary due to an individual skills, capabilities, and subject knowledge.  The subject complexity of each course will also result in differing levels of efforts for each course.  However, a time allocation for each course could be approximately 2-3 hours.

Will I have to re-take these courses in the future to retain my certificate?

Revisit time for training courses will be set by Transport Canada.  Courses offered to those students who have previously passed will be offered at a reduced price.