Facility and Vehicle Search (in class course)

This is not an online course. The course will be taught in classrooms across Canada by Mr. Juri Kasemets of Explosives Management Group.

Please go to this webpage link and meet Mr. Juri Kasemets - and say you came from LACT!


EMGROUP Course #1: Facility and Vehicle Search (In-Class Course)
Price: $495.00 (Plus appropriate tax applied for the appropriate province)

Once you have registered for a session, you will receive a receipt for your payment, and a seat will be reserved for you. Venue and times will be emailed to you by Explosives Management Group.

Facility and Vehicle Search: Course dates and locations

  • Halifax, NS
  • Toronto, ON
    • Session 1 - Oct 13 2016 [Total: $559.35] (Register)
  • Vancouver, BC
    • Session 1 - Oct 26 2016 [Total: $519.75] (Register)
  • Ottawa, ON
    • Session 1 - Oct 5 2016 [Total: $559.35] (Register)
  • Calgary, AB
    • Session 1 - Oct 19 2016 [Total: $519.75] (Register)

The Facility and Vehicle Search Course is an "in-class", full-day course. The course is given in two portions: the first half focuses on the two-person search of a facility (buildings, etc.) and the second half covers the non-destructive search of various types of vehicles. Class discussions will be reinforced by short practical exercises.

The course is designed as a train-the-trainer course. Participants will be able to implement internal training programs for security staff and volunteers to search facilities and vehicles. The following topics are covered:

Course Outline:

  • Introduction -- Safety and security during search
  • Unit 1: Suspicious Indicators
  • Unit 2: The Interview Process
  • Unit 3: Vehicle Inspection

          - External search

          - Internal search

  • Practical exercise